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A Comprehensive Overview

In today’s interconnected world, modern slavery lurks in the shadows of many global supply chains, affecting an estimated 50 million victims. According to the International Labour Organisation, 27.6 million of those in modern slavery are trapped in forced labor, and a significant 63% of that number occurs within the private sector.

Businesses stand on the frontline in the battle to eradicate modern slavery, armed with the power to influence and enforce change. However, to wield this power effectively, understanding and action are paramount.

At Shift Critical, we not only recognize the urgency of addressing modern slavery, but we also embrace our responsibility to help lead the charge.   By empowering our employees and partners with the knowledge and tools to act, we are helping eradicate this practice from our global economy.

What is Modern Slavery Training?

What is “modern slavery training“?

It surpasses the conventional approach of presentations that detail the nefarious nature of modern slavery.

Instead, it constitutes a comprehensive and interactive program designed to help employees and organizations understand and address the issue(s) of modern slavery. The curriculum extensively covers government guidance on the Act, markers that are indicative of someone trapped in modern slavery, and more.

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Why Modern Slavery Training is Imperative

The harms of modern slavery span from severe human rights violations to significant reputational risks for companies caught in its web. It’s not just about legal compliance; companies like Boohoo and, more recently, Volkswagen Group have suffered considerable brand and financial damage from association with labour abuses. Regarding the latter, in February of 2024, thousands of Volkswagen Group vehicles have been held up at U.S. ports after a single part was found to be linked to allegations of forced labor in China.

Beyond the moral imperative, educating corporate teams and leadership on modern slavery is a strategic safeguard against these risks; it helps ensure operations and supply chains are ethically and sustainably managed.

Essential Components of Modern Slavery Training

A robust modern slavery training program necessitates the inclusion of several fundamental elements:

  • Knowledge: All individuals must understand what constitutes modern slavery, its various manifestations, and the critical impetus for its eradication.
  • Detection: The Shift Critical team are experts at identifying potential signals of modern slavery. Although these indicators may not always be overt, possessing the capability to discern them is crucial.
  • Action: Simply knowing the issue is not enough. Our program equips our partners with the necessary tools to initiate safe and effective measures should they encounter instances of modern slavery.

Our Target Audience for Modern Slavery Training

The brief answer is: Absolutely everyone.

At Shift Critical, we believe that all employees, from Board members to Executive leadership to recent recruits, must be well-informed about modern slavery and equipped with strategies to combat it.

This training is not confined to a specific department or specialized team. Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond internal staff, reaching out to suppliers and partners to ensure their alignment with ethical business standards.

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The Shift Critical Approach

At Shift Critical, we’ve developed a dual-pronged approach to confront the risk of modern slavery within the operations of our partners:

Staff Training Program

Shift Critical has developed a range of staff training options on modern slavery, including how to identify and manage forced and child labour risk in the supply chain.

Designed specifically for Canada’s Modern Slavery Act, our modules are engaging, relevant, and highly informative.  We work with our partners to tailor our training to their own unique needs, challenges and industry. We utilize a mix of online courses and in-person training, as well as offer the ability to brand and license the program for use in a company’s internal learning management system.

Each module is built to be immersive, incorporating real-world examples and case studies to establish an understanding of the Act. Our curriculum spans Government of Canada definitions of child labour and forced labour and the indicators for business operations, and it emphasizes our internal reporting mechanisms and policy framework designs for addressing identified risks.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the underlying concepts of modern slavery
  • Recognize the signs of forced and child labour in various contexts, particularly within supply chains and business operations
  • Understand the Canadian legal framework for Modern Slavery
  • Understand the requirements for due diligence and reporting on modern slavery in supply chains and the actions required to mitigate risks
  • Contribute to and lead discussions with suppliers and other relevant stakeholders about the nature of the risks associated with forced and child labour in the supply chain.
  • Apply sound and strategic decision-making in their professional roles and contribute to maintaining their organization’s obligation to respect human rights and eradicate modern slavery.
Innovative Risk Assessment Tool

Recognizing the complexity of modern slavery risks in global supply chains, Shift Critical, in collaboration with Position Green, has developed a groundbreaking risk assessment tool specific to Canada’s Modern Slavery Act supported by artificial intelligence (AI). This dynamic platform streamlines the evaluation of supplier networks, identifying high-risk areas and enabling proactive measures to mitigate potential issues related to modern slavery. The tool integrates seamlessly with our training modules, providing a practical application for the knowledge imparted to our staff.

Understanding the complex landscape of modern slavery is the first step. Shift Critical provides your team with the tools, knowledge, and support to navigate this challenging terrain. Our partnership with Position Green and deployment of modern slavery risk assessment tool exemplifies our innovative approach to compliance and ethical business practices

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Addressing Modern Slavery at the Source

If your organization is ready to take a definitive step towards identifying and combating modern slavery, Shift Critical stands prepared to assist.

We encourage you to contact us and schedule a demonstration of our risk assessment tool, a pivotal resource for detecting and preventing modern slavery within supply chains.

Moreover, discover the transformative impact our modern slavery staff training can have on your business operations and corporate ethos.

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