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Shift Critical International

Who Is Shift Critical

With the global Shift towards energy transition and with sustainability as a mantra, an ESG mindset has to be part of the corporate DNA. The business environment is evolving rapidly and is founded upon complex new standards and expectations. At Shift Critical, we understand that your ability to future-proof your business, secure market access and maintain investor confidence hinges on your ability to leverage non-traditional performance metrics. Our mission is to help your company strong ESG performance – vital not only for stakeholder support, but for continuous improvement and sustainable growth. Shift Critical provides tailored services to and manage ESG risks while capitalizing on the opportunities presented by this Shift. Our innovative solutions empower businesses to secure investor confidence, elevate enterprise value and cultivate a network of stakeholder advocates. Partner with Shift Critical to navigate the evolving ESG landscape and position your organization for long-term success.

Our Mission

Shift Happens — Are You Ready?

At Shift Critical International, our mission is to empower your organization and lay the foundation for future growth by making sustainability a core part of your business strategy. Our commitment is to support you in achieving your sustainability goals, creating a positive impact on the environment, society and the economy .

“Working with Shift Critical over this past year has been an eye opening experience. Being a company within an emerging industry means that we have a fairly niche requirement. Shift helped us design and implement a new ESG strategy and supporting framework from scratch. Their reputation as a team of leading sustainability experts is warranted and they certainly did not disappoint. I would highly recommended this team for any company looking to develop an ESG strategy.”

Biotech Company CEOCannabis and Psychedelics Industry

What We Deliver

We Deliver Sustainable Business Solutions

As your chosen sustainability partner we help you build competitive advantage through:

  • Comprehensive sustainable business solutions including tailored practices, policies and processes to drive sustainable operations .
  • Expert guidance on ESG performance standards and disclosure best practices .
  • Customized sustainability strategies and frameworks to align with your business goals.
  • Measurable improvements in ESG performance.
  • Clear communication of material ESG issues to your Board of Directors and Executive Leadership.
  • Collaborative partnerships with local governments, investors, industry and civil society to mitigate emerging risks.

Our Value Add

We Go Above & Beyond

We are driven by a commitment to delivering more than just services. We strive to provide a “value-added” experience that exceeds your expectations at every turn. Our dedication to innovation, combined with a focus on the customer, ensures that every interaction with us adds tangible value to your business.

Building Trust and Credibility

We understand today’s business landscape, helping you build trust, credibility and enterprise value while securing access to capital.

Navigating Complex Sustainability Challenges

Our deep understanding of corporate sustainability, combined with extensive industry experience, enables us to provide tailored and practical solutions.

Collaborative and Pragmatic Approach

We collaborate closely with you to build good governance and develop pragmatic, results-driven solutions that fit your business.

Expertise Honed Through Experience

With unparalleled experience in tackling sustainability challenges across industries and regions, we offer deep expertise to deliver innovative solutions and drive continuous performance improvement.

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