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We are your Modern Slavery Compliance Partner and Corporate Sustainability Strategy Specialist.

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Our expertise includes ESG disclosure best practices and target setting, sustainable supply chain practices and energy transition strategy, where we offer advice on management practices and scenario analysis.

We help establish robust governance frameworks and provide comprehensive assessment and due diligence services to ensure sustainability in the supply chain, including staff and Executive/Board training on Canada’s Modern Slavery Act and broader human rights due diligence.

We offer sustainability reporting expertise, assistance in aligning with industry-leading disclosure frameworks and establishing robust practices to meet the compliance requirements of Canada’s Modern Slavery Act.

Risk measurement is the cornerstone of performance improvement. We offer strategic advisory services for ESG materiality, supply chain risk, sustainability risk and strategic risk mitigation.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Leading by Example

ESG factors have become increasingly vital in Canadian business due to their ability to drive sustainable practices, societal impact, and long-term financial performance.

With growing consumer and investor emphasis on corporate responsibility, integrating ESG principles helps Canadian businesses enhance brand reputation, mitigate risks, attract capital, and foster innovation.

We’ve appreciated the rich insights that Shift Critical brings to the issues of human rights, and the support in preparing for our first report under Canada’s Modern Slavery Act.

Yvonne JefferyVice President, Sustainability | Vermilion Energy Inc.

Shift Critical's expertise and professionalism were invaluable in helping our company strategically address some of our most pressing sustainability challenges. The deliverables exceeded our expectations, showcasing their deep understanding of ESG performance improvement and ability to provide practical, timely solutions within budget.

Senior ExecutiveOne of Canada’s Largest Energy Companies

BD&P Law has had the privilege of collaborating with Shift Critical as recognized experts on Canada's Modern Slavery Act, bringing decades of corporate sustainability experience to help organizations navigate the legislation. We highly recommend them as speakers on this subject.

Robyn BewsChief Business Development Officer | BD&P Law

I am pleased to recommend Shift Critical as Enserva’s trusted sustainability advisor and leading experts on Canada's Modern Slavery Act. Their unparalleled expertise and deep knowledge has been instrumental in helping our members navigate the complexities of this new legislation, and strengthen their commitment to ESG and corporate sustainability.

Gurpreet LailPresident & CEO | Enserva

Shift Critical’s decades of experience and expertise in sustainability helped Parkland successfully launch our sustainability strategy and navigate the rapidly-changing expectations from shareholders and stakeholders. They deliver professional high-quality insights and solutions on time and on budget.

Jeremy van Loon Director, Sustainability | Parkland Corporation

Canada's Modern Slavery Act

The Modern Slavery Act pressures Canadian companies to assess supply chains, preventing unintentional support of slavery. It mirrors laws in Australia, France, the UK, and Germany, applying to Canadian-listed or operating businesses.

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