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Advisory Services

Inspiring Trust

Management Practices

Sustainability Strategy & ESG Performance Improvement

We specialize in risk assessment, ESG compliance, management frameworks, and transition strategy implementation. Our services encompass comprehensive management practices and scenario analysis.

  • Risk assessment and management
  • ESG compliance and metrics
  • Management frameworks
  • Transition strategy and scenario analysis
  • Implementation of practices
Impacts on Society

Human Rights Due Diligence

We help you fulfill regulatory human rights due diligence requirements and implement responsible supply chain management practices. Our comprehensive approach integrates the use of artificial intelligence and leading software solutions to enhance operational efficiency, improve data management and enable data-driven decision making.

  • Supply chain risk assessment
  • Supplier due diligence
  • Governance and management frameworks
  • Supplier audits
  • Human Rights due diligence
  • Supplier engagement
  • Technology solutions
Providing Expertise in Reporting

ESG Disclosure

We provide dynamic software solutions and expertise in ESG reporting, disclosure strategies and compliance with current and emerging regulations. This includes alignment with frameworks such as CSSB, ISSB/IFRS, CSRD, SEC/CSA and Canada’s Modern Slavery Act. Our services extend to:

  • ESG reporting and data management
  • ESG disclosure strategies
  • IFRS 1 and IFRS 2, CSRD 1 and CSRD 2 and CSDS 1 and CSDS 2
  • Canada’s Modern Slavery Act disclosure and online reporting
  • Canada Modern Slavery Act risk assessment reports
  • ESG reporting best practices
Driving Continuous improvement

ESG Risk Management

We deliver strategic advisory services designed to drive measurable, impactful improvements for your organization. Our comprehensive approach involves in-depth assessment of material ESG issues and tailored strategic solutions to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities. We help you build resilience, enhance your reputation, and position your organization as a leader in corporate sustainability.

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