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Training on Canada's Modern Slavery Act

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Start Your Training on Canada's Modern Slavery Act

Comprehensive Training on Modern Slavery Risk Assessment and Corporate Supply Chain Compliance as Required by Canada’s Modern Slavery Act.

This course is designed to provide professionals with the essential knowledge to recognize, assess and prevent forced labor and child labor within corporate supply chains. Organizations are required to demonstrate that staff are trained in accordance with the new reporting obligations stipulated in the Act.

Prepared by Shift Critical International

The course is prepared by experienced professionals with decades of expertise in corporate sustainability strategy development, ESG performance improvement and human rights due diligence and risk assessment.

Shift Critical Staff Training

Shift Perspective

Our training is designed to equip you and your team with the practical skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of corporate sustainability and ESG performance improvement.

We collaborate with Boards, Executives and professionals from various functions to drive sustainable business growth. We partner with companies, governments, NGOs and stakeholders to ensure  clear understanding of concepts, strategic planning and actionable steps for effective implementation.

Training Courses Available
  • Corporate Sustainability Overview
  • Canada Modern Slavery Act Education
  • Human Rights Due Diligence
  • ESG Reporting and Performance Improvement
  • Sustainable Supply Chains

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