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Shift Critical International

Meet the team

The People Behind Shift Critical

When you need to get it right – experience counts. At Shift Critical, we bring unmatched expertise forged over decades of tackling the most intricate sustainability challenges and contentious issues. Our two founders have over 50 years of collective experience in corporate sustainability leadership, spanning industries and geographies across the globe.
Craig Stenhouse Lg Portrait

Craig Stenhouse, MSc.

Principal & Founder

With over 20 years of expertise, Craig integrates sustainability strategy into business processes, demonstrates ESG performance to stakeholders, and advises executives and board members on improvement strategies. He’s a recognized ESG leader, directing corporate teams, serving as a board observer, and receiving an Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Award for transforming businesses towards sustainability. Craig holds a Master of Science from the London School of Economics, specializing in international business and human rights risk management.

Frank McShane, PhD

Principal & Founder

With over twenty years in major resource companies, Frank specializes in strategizing sustainability and ESG solutions, focusing on framework design, performance improvement, and facilitating access to impact funding. He has extensive experience in governance, ethical compliance, community relations, and human rights. As a professor and co-author of leading reports, Frank brings academic rigor to his practical expertise. Holding a Doctorate from McGill University, he’s a seasoned leader in the field.

Frank McShane Portrait

Here some of the other team members that make things run:

  • Belinda Fox, Senior Sustainability Advisor
  • Eric Westrum, Senior Sustainability Advisor
  • Jordan Wagner, Senior Designer
  • Hannah Milne, Sustainability Analyst
  • Laura Cullell, Sustainability Analyst
  • Kai van Loon, Student Sustainability Analyst

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