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Sustainability Roadmap

Shifting the Perspective

Phase 1: Understand

Assessing ESG Risks & Opportunities

In phase one, we begin by assessing your current sustainability state – evaluating your vision, governance, processes, objectives and stakeholder engagement. Then we work with you to develop a clear corporate sustainability mandate that integrates with your core business. Thereafter, we develop a tailored sustainability strategy aligned with your broader goals, establishing internal governance for accountability. Finally, we help you identify and address material ESG and investor risks to enhance your reputation, maintain access to capital and sets the stage for success.

Phase 2: Design

Identifying Business Growth for Investors

In phase two, we identify and prioritize the most material ESG issues to determine the highest impact areas for improvement. Using innovative data management software solutions, we then develop your capacity to evaluate, report on and enhance ESG performance. We create targets aligned with investor standards and ESG disclosure frameworks, while engaging key stakeholders to foster collaboration and alignment with diverse priorities.

Phase 3: Enhance

Sustainable Access to Capital

In phase three, we leverage key sustainability credentials – certifications, ESG ratings and established global standards – to showcase your commitment and attract sustainable finance. Aligning your strategy with investor, lender and insurer priorities enhances your ability to access capital and emphasizes long-term value, resilience and ESG compliance. This alignment develops trust and transparency with your key external stakeholders.

Phase 4: Growth

Building Resilience

In the final phase, we help you build stakeholder capital and organizational capacity for sustained growth. This involves fostering strong stakeholder relationships through active engagement to address concerns. We also invest in developing your internal capabilities and resources. By prioritizing stakeholder interests, innovation and agility, your organization can navigate uncertainties and position itself for continued success amidst evolving market dynamics.

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