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Human Rights

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Human Rights

Navigating Modern Slavery Compliance

Discover how Shift Critical's AI-powered dashboard and comprehensive staff training options can help transform your strategic approach to corporate sustainability, supply chain management and lead the charge in adherence to the Canadian Modern Slavery Act.
April 26, 2024
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Human Rights

Understanding Modern Slavery Training

Discover how Shift Critical's Modern Slavery Training and advanced AI-driven Assessment Tool can transform your business practices, ensuring ethical compliance and aiding in the fight against modern slavery. Learn more about our comprehensive program and how to schedule a demo today.
April 26, 2024
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ESGGovernanceHuman Rights

Understanding Canada’s Modern Slavery Act

Deep dive into our comprehensive FAQ guide on the Canada Modern Slavery Act. Covering the fundamentals to the specifics, understand this pivotal legislation and how it advances human rights and corporate sustainability. Enhance your knowledge today with our in-depth guide on tackling modern slavery.
April 15, 2024